Weapons Cache

Below is a list of the weapons that you can use. Also what they turn into once they've been through the

Pack-A-Punch machine:-


The Browning30 Cal Browning = B115 accelerator - Good, but not brilliant - The sight is shit and it takes too long to reload.




Colt 45


Colt 45 = C-3000 b1at-ch35 - If you're susceptible to mind-fucks then this is the weapon for you. Ultra Shit.






Double Barrelled Shotgun Shotgun Double Barrelled = 24 Bore long range -Good with fast-reload, but a nightmare without it.





Shotgun Double Barrelled Sawed Grip = The Snuff Box - Never had this one, probably a shit shot gun.






FG42 FG42 = 420 Impeller- No thank you. Too fast and ineffective. Last resort weapon.





Gewehr43 = G115 Compressor - Far too weak. No idea what it's like when it's blinged.





Carbine M1A1 Carbine = Widdershins RC-1 - I really fucked up when I took this from the box, learn from my mistakes.







MG42 = Barracuda FU-A11- Yes! Yes! Yes! - Sticky under-pants syndrome.






MP40MP40 =The Afterburner- No! No! No! - Shitty under-pants syndrome.







PPSh-41 =The Reaper- I love this baby, it's a proper head-shot gun. Just a little too fast.






Shotgun Shotgun =Gut Shot- Awesome, just a pity that it doesn't have more shells when it's blinged-up.







STG-44 = Spatz-447- No thanks, press the trigger and waste all your points re-arming it time and time again.






Thompson Thompson=Gibs-o-matic - Some people love this one, I'm not some people , throw it away.




Type 100



Type 100 =1001 Samurais- What, 1001 Samurais, 1001 Samurais' turds more like. Leave it well alone!





Type 99 Type 99 = The Eviscerator - Sorry, never had this one. It's supposed to be activated by the Fly-Trap game.







Panzerschrek =Longinus- Noisy! And shit, can't make crawlers and takes ages to reload. Avoid if at all possible.






PTRS-41PTRS-41 =The Penetrator- Sniper, allegedly good when the Zomos are lined up, otherwise avoid at all costs.





Kar98k =Armageddon- Oh yes please, bagsey I have this one.....Not!





Raygun Ray Gun = Porter’s X2 Ray Gun - Excellent, a must have, but watch out for the re-coil / splash-back.







Wunderwaffe DG-2 =Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ - The Bobskinator. The one true weapon of the gods.






Bowie KnifeThis weapon is a knife that kills a zombie with one swipe!!!! Oh yes, with one swipe!!





Flame Thrower


FIW Nitrogen cooled. Excellent auxiliary weapon, but shit for kill points.This flame thrower is not very good. It has the potential to be good but its not It's a weapon to be used in the first opening rounds of zombies. In the later rounds.... DO NOT USE!!!





M1 Garand M1Garand = The Imploder - The 'Crawler maker'. Just a pity that the bullets are shit.


Monkey Bobms



Our all time must haves.'The canines gonads'. They're fun, little toy, cymbal-crashing chimps with sticks of dynamite strapped to their backs.





MolotovIf you dont have the Monkey Bombs then this will do, until you get them that is...