Below is guide on how to perform the "Third Gun Glitch".


I thought I'd share with you all the correct way of getting the 3rd weapon,
As there appears to be some confusion.....

Firstly make sure you have a betty (cant be done without one)

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Secondly make sure you have a minimum of 5200 points


Heres what you do:

Place weapon in pack a punch then run & buy the krap 98 from behind you.
Run back to pack a punch, pull out a betty & (this is the important bit) once
The betty is NEARLY at the centre of the screen grab your upgraded gun
Its better to leave it a bit late than to be too eager, you get a few tries but
If you do it too early you'll loose whatever weapon was in your hand before
You pulled the betty up.

A few things to remember:


You MUST have a betty.

The heavier the gun thats in your hand, the slower your character will bring up
The betty. Therefore on bigger guns you will have to wait a fraction longer before
Grabbing the upgraded gun from the machine
Make sure the gun thats in your hand before you bring the betty up is one that your
Prepared to loose (just in case)
And finally, again remember that its better to wait a bit longer than to be too eager.
I've used this method myself & it works every time.

Author: Pikeywhykey


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