The Wonderwaffle The Bobskinator - The Wunderwaffe.
The Pikekinator - The Wunderwaffe.
The Iron_Crossinator - The Wunderwaffe.
'Oi, that's mine, put it back' - The Wunderwaffe.
No Legs Zombie 'Crawler / Crawlers' - Zombies with no legs. Slow moving and cherished.
Fucklings The 'fucklings' - A line of slow moving zombies that resemble a line of baby ducklings.

The Crate Of Fate The Crate of Fate - The Mystery Box.
The Bollock Box - The Mystery Box.
'That fucking, robbing, bastard, twatting box' - The Mystery Box.
'Fishing' - Having a rummage in the The Mystery Box
The Browning 'Gravy the Browning' - To Pack-a-punch the 30 cal machine gun.
'Bisto the Browning' - To Pack-a-punch the 30 cal machine gun.
The Ray Gun Ronnie Ray-gun - The Ray gun.
  'Bear-arsed' - Not having enough points to go 'Fishing' and hence risk getting the teddy-bear.
InstaKill 'Insta-thrill' - The instant kill ability.
  'Kaboom!' - The Nuke bomb.
  'What the fuck are doing, you daft cnut?' - Foctifino has fucked up again.
Bouncing Betty 'Betty's' - Bouncing betty mines.
  'Blinged-up' - I'm well good, all my weapons are like well Pack-a-punched-up in 'it.
Flame Thrower Kentucky fried Zombie - The Flame-thrower.
M1Garand 'Crawler-maker' - M1 Garand.
The Dogs 'The Dogs' - The Zombie Hell Hounds.
Monkeys 'Banana Baiting' - Fishing specifically for Monkey-bombs.
Wonderwaffle, Monkey Bombs & Raygun 'Inspector Gadget' - Having the Wunderwaffe, monkey-bombs and Ray-gun. Lucky Bastard! - Having the Wunderwaffe, monkey-bombs and Ray-gun.
The Ray Gun The Ronnie hunt - Fishing for the Ray-gun.
The RocketLauncher The Drain-pipe warrior - Anyone who has the Panzerschrek.
Ray Gun, M1Garand & Grenade 'Creating Crawlers' - Using either the Garand, grenades or Ray-gun to make crawlers.
Sniper 'One Eyed Dick' - An unlucky person who keeps getting the PTRS-41 sniper-rifle from the mystery box.
The Wonderwaffle 'The moist moment' - The exact second when someone draws the Wunderwaffe out of the box, for a second time during the course of one match.

  'Doing a Norfolk' - Inadvertently missing all the action for one level because you were away and the game suddenly restarted after a crawler's sudden death.
  'Doing a Bobski' - Attempting the Pack-a-punch glitch only to realize halfway through that you have no bouncing Betty's left.
  'Dances with Zombies' - Toadie's amusing habit of running up to, and taunting, packs of hungry Zombies.