resistance 2

Resistance Two, how could Insomniac get it so wrong?

Since the date of its release was first announced we had been expecting great things from Insomniac for Resistance2. According to all the hype surrounding its public appearance, It was supposed to be the game of the year, the must have buy for Christmas.

Sadly, what we received instead was a huge serving of disappointment. Such are the negative notions I have towards it are that even now, three months after its release I cannot for all I try rouse any enthusiasm for the game. It just leaves me unmoved and utterly cold, and unfortunately for SONY and Insomniac I do not appear to be in the minority in the way I feel.

The original game was a masterpiece. It was sheer genius, a work of art and until Call of Duty 4 knocked it off its high perch. It was, in my opinion, the best thing on the PS3, far better than any game that had preceded it on both the PS2 and Xbox360. With such an amazing foundation to build on Insomniac should have sown the follow-up game in the bag. Instead they took the very same bag and stuffed it with the lovely cuddly, puppy-dog of game-play, along with the sweet, kitten of sheer fun. Which we all know was the basis of the original game. And, then drowned it unceremoniously in the murky, canal of poor design and limited foresight. They really should have applied the old adage of ‘If it isn’t broken don’t fix it!’ Resistance Fall of Man (RFoM) was not broken, and it certainly did not need fixing. For the life of me I cannot fathom what on earth they thought they were doing.

Perhaps they believed that they should freshen up the game, or maybe they cast a critical eye around the current games that might rival RES2 and borrow some of the ideas that were already being used. Either way, the decision to dramatically revamp the game was a terrible lapse of judgement. So, why in the original testing of the game, and the fans survey that I presume they undertook, did the argument of ‘No, please leave the engine, controls and weapons well alone’ never seem to arise?

What I assume happened was that the twelve year old chief designer in charge of the game probably decided that he knew best, and in his mind he thought that everyone who loved RFoM was bound to agree with him in the long run. Well I’m afraid you were very wrong Mr. Pimply Bum! Because what you should have done is just produce new maps and leave everything else exactly as it was in the original game. Now, that would have been a sure fire winner!

Instead, all the Insomniac team seemed to have succeeded in doing is create a vast void in the games market, not to mention the possible damage with regards to the prospects of all future Resistance Fall of Man games.
If you think I’m wrong then just check your friends list on the PS3. How many of your mates are at this present moment in time playing on Resistance 2? Not that many I bet. Now check your friends list again and see how many are on COD World at War and COD4. I bet there are a quite a few, and there my friends is the crux of the matter. Who do you think came off best with the release of Resistance 2, was it Insomniac or Activision? Here’s a clue, it isn’t the Chimera.

The head honchos at both Treyarch and Infinity Ward must be rubbing their hands with glee. Resistance 2 was supposed to be the serious contender to both COD4 and COD World at War (waw). What with COD waw and Res being released less than two weeks apart from each other, there must have been a few sleepless nights in the PS3 arm of Activision land with the worry that COD waw had a hard act to follow with COD4. Plus, of course, the knowledge that the multiplayer function of RFoM was a truly awesome experience and the follow-up game was very likely going to bite into COD waw sales profit. As it is Activision are now in the strange position that both their games are competing with one another to be the most popular on-line game; and the situation seems likely to remain that way until Kill Zone 2 is released at the end of February.

In FUBAR we all appreciate that there are some of us that swear by games. The majority do it now with COD4 and COD waw. Before that it was Resistance fall of man, but since COD4 has been released our little brotherhood has never looked back. COD4’s popularity practically sold COD waw to the game’s fans and arguably the greatness of the original Resistance Fall of Man game should have been enough to lure us, and the other fans and clans into buying Resistance 2. The comments and the critical acclaim in the various Playstation magazines should also have sold the game by the bucket loads, but these too failed to shift the game off the shelves in the numbers that both SONY and Insomniac had predicted. The reason for this is simply because the game is flawed.

As I mentioned before, everyone I know who loved the original game wanted RES2 to be RFoM (with its winning formula) to be simply updated with the just new America maps. Instead, what we got was a brand new ‘different’ game, with a completely different game- engine, a new gimmicky weapons system and some of the most dreadful maps I’ve ever seen in any game.
In my view it was not a fluke that Insomniac released the Beta version with just the best maps included because the rest of them are truly awful. It was also the Beta version that first brought the publics’ attention to the massive problems within the game. As usual, when it comes to the ‘big releases’, you with not find in any of the Playstation magazines any notes or pre- warnings of possible disappointment or frustration caused by this game. In fact until its release the universal acclaim for Res2 was being spread like Gospel in the various literary publications.

Only after its release has the truth become apparent, and that has been mostly down to word of mouth.
Gamers listen to other gamers, we tend to believe the information we get on-line while we are playing more than we do off the back of a game-box. So, when a chap you respect tells you ‘whatever you do don’t waste your hard earned money on such and such a game because its rubbish!’ We pay attention, especially when you hear the same message repeatedly over and over again. It is not long then when word on the Internet, and PS3 net, spreads like a deadly virus deliberately released to the public. And boy did this killer virus spread. In the end though word of mouth only announced this game’s death, and make no mistake about this, it is Insomniac that are ultimately responsible for Res 2’s sad demise.

Foctifino 5th Feb 09.