Haze CoverHaze may not be the biggest, brightest or brashest game on the market. It will never be a must buy for everyone’s PS3 game collection. It’s one of those oddities whereby it may not be your favourite game but you can’t help liking it. Its very reminiscent of Far Cry, Halo and doom (but without the mutant monsters and derelict space stations).

I should explain that you play as either a soldier employed by Mantel, a huge dark company that employs a private army that’s pumped up on steroid, adrenaline inducing type drug called Haze. Or, your character is a South American Latin type resistance fighter from the rebel group ‘Promise Hand Job’. The game balancing works similar to Resistance fall of man with the Chimera and Human teams in that there are advantages and disadvantages in playing as either species. It’s very easy to play, it handles okay and the story line is very futuristic and really quite interesting. The down side to it is that it suffers from post COD4 & GTA4 syndrome. If it had been released this time last year it could have been a phenomenal hit.

In my view it sadly does suffer because the graphics are not up to COD4 standards, and the game play is not as fluid as GTA4. It’s too short and I can’t help feeling there’s something missing, although I can’t put my finger on it. (Perhaps it might be the fast cars, naked women and strawberry jam scenario again). I find the cut-scenes in the single player game very annoying and they seem to go on far too long and happen far too frequently. But, I suppose they do help to get the player involved and once you’re into the action it is possible to forgive some of the game’s little foibles.

The online play, again in my view, is the best thing about the game. I have never played a game that is so rewarding for a budding sniper; you can literally hit a target from miles away without being seen. There are vehicles to drive online as well, and the multi-player type games are original and under the right circumstances there can be fast and furious action.

I am sad to say though that Haze is flawed, and under particular thorough scrutiny it could be deemed to be a game that has too many cons to outweigh the pros and consequently it could be described as a dead duck rather than a graceful swan. In saying that I really do like the game. I find it very entertaining and addictive, but sadly I very much doubt that anyone else will love this game as much as I do.

It's the year 5051 and the mutant bumble bees have declared war on a giant drangonfly !

Foctifino 5th Feb 09.