gta iv

GTA IV CoverGTAIV, In all honesty I am probably not the best person to put forward a synopsis for this game, I have only just started the single player mode and I have only played two or three ‘proper’ online games.

But, from what I have already seen I can confidently state that this is a truly awesome game. Hell Hammer 69 describes GTA as ‘an almost perfect game’, while W3st_B1rd completed the one player version in less than 2 days, and several other members of FUBAR seem to have moved out of reality and taken up residence in Liberty City.

The graphics are excellent, and considering that the PS3 has an inferior version of the Xbox360 game the whole experience is still breath taking. Again, because we are primarily concerned with the online element I won’t bugger about reeling of details concerning the single player game.

In my view this is a young man’s game, I struggle with the combat controls but even so I have spent many a happy hour in the company of Outathebox, W3st-B1rd, Bobski, Venomdjmusic, Hot-Salem, HO2235, Physco-Dan and Nath1993 in the ‘party’ lobby just wandering around.

In particular Outathebox and I played at being the typical middle-aged-pipe-and-slipper gents when we spent a pleasant quarter of hour admiring the Flemish bond brickwork on one of the dock warehouses. We have also spent time examining the interior construction of the Power Station chimneystacks and tested the accessibility of entering the higher buildings in down town Liberty via landing helicopters on the rooftops.

Man, have we partied in this game. We have raced Ferrari’s, Porsche’ s, motorbikes, police cars, various saloons and even the baggage carriers at the airport. We have had chopper wars. Landed on boats. Driven under bridges, driven into bridges, tried landing on the moving aircraft and shot each other out of the sky using rockets.

We’ve tried jumping over moving cars. Running each down, climbing into one car and shooting through every window. We have also attempted to drive off cliffs. Park cars in swimming pools, set fire to stray cars and then put the flames out with our own personal fire engine.

We have crashed, shot, punched, and stabbed each other. We jumped out of helicopters and hijacked speedboats. We have climbed into the Statue of Happiness and pissed on the passing tourist’s heads.

We have got lost. We have admired the many views; the weather and the complete lack of driving skills of the AI humans possess. We have climbed, dropped and fallen from every surface. We have pinched each other’s cars and left clan members stranded on rooftops during helicopter tours.

We have jumped over ramps at high speed. We have crashed into walls and been propelled through windscreens. We have kidnapped each other and driven away at warp factor. We have thrown grenades at each during high-speed chases and blown ourselves up. We've even been attacked by 'Killer play-ground toys' and been propelled thousands of feet in the air only to land in one piece many miles away on the other side of the map. We have in short had the most pointless fun a game can give and loved every minute of it. And, once ‘Rockstar’ has fixed the pesky online fault that stops us from creating a proper online game, GTA will then become the most playable game onthe PS3.

Foctifino 5th Feb 09.