world at war

Japannese BlokeThis was one of the most awaited games for the PS3. We talked about it for ages mostly about what we anticipated especially after the success of COD4. We hoped beyond hope that it would not fall foul of the self established bench-mark of COD4. We prayed that Treyarch could continue the good work Infinity Ward had done with its older brother. In other words we had our fingers crossed that COD5 was going to be the dog’s Bollocks rather than a Dog’s dinner of a game. When our eager fingers ripped the cellophane off the box and we slapped the mini-Frisbee like disc into the hungry orifice of the PS3 we dampened our collective pants that we might just about to experience a truly awesome gaming experience; and for the very first week, when our American cousins were so far in front of us, we did have a fantabulous time...

Then it all went focking pear-shaped. Over night the ‘new kid on the block’ turned into the 'incontinent old tramp' on the street corner. With freshly squirted, fetted-poo dribbling down its trouser leg the game began to stink-up the whole of the PS3 Network.

Well, I say the whole PS3 Network but it seems America continues to merrily play along completely oblivious to the sheer frustration we have to suffer this side of the Atlantic just so that their gaming experience can blissfully carry on. I have already spat my venom in the forum so I shall cease my fire-breathing act forthwith... Flame Thrower

The off line single player game is fantastic. In fact it is almost perfect as is the multi-player co-op of the solo player game. The Zombies game which is activated after completion of the main game is also wonderfully original, great fun to play with a party of three or four.

The inclusion of Tanks in the multi-player is also a novel idea; although I note that for European gamers the ‘hit-detection’ with this weapon is out by miles as is the re-spawning and grenade explosions.

The maps are brilliant with the exception of Malin, Matlin, Maplin, Margate or whatever it’s called. I love the village map called ‘up-the-skirt’, the one with the Church in the middle. When the on-line game has finally decided to connect I have spent many a happy hour on this map having my dainty, fat arse handed to me on a plate.


If you haven’t already got this game then WAIT for god’s sake until some small man with a hammer has fixed the bloody game! Not that you’re going to have much trouble with that score because the game has already sold out all over Europe (foolish suckers for punishment that we are).

Is it better than COD4? NO FOCKING WAY, COD4 still rules and is still the benchmark for all PS3 games. Amen