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Cash on Delivery 4, what can I say without upsetting one of the two factions within our little clan. There are those that believe that COD4 may be the best thing since the invention of cheesy Wotsits; While others say that the game is hugely over-rated, and the commotion created by it’s timely arrival in December has left them utterly cold.

Well I fall in the first group. COD4 in my view is the best game on the PS3, and I will stick my neck out even further by stating that COD4 has set the benchmark by which all new PS3 games should now be compared.

Infinity Ward has created the most graphically gorgeous, awe inspiring, jaw dropping, bowel shattering, retina aching eye candy of a game. While as a clan we are concerned chiefly with the online aspect of games, COD4 delivers all that we could ever want in bucket loads. It’s got big powerful guns, loud explosions, silly accents, annoying helicopter and fighter-aircraft strikes and Claymores. With the possible exceptions of naked women, fast cars and strawberry jam what more could you wish in a game?

Right from its inception there was a team of programmers who dealt exclusively with the online game play, and Infinity Ward continue to show commitment to COD4 by adding further maps to it’s already impressive collection. Similar to what Insomniac did with ‘Resistance Fall of Man’, Infinity Ward appreciated that the online play is as equally important to the gamer as the single player mode, and to FUBAR it is of course by far the best element of the game. Resistance may have lead the way but COD4 has picked up the torch and carried it to new heights.

If you do not already own a copy of the game then please correct this major error in your life straight away. Run. No sprint to the shops and purchase a copy now! If you can not afford the game then sell either one of your kids, kidneys or legs! Either way once you’ve bought it you’re not going to need for them for a while because you’ll be far too busy shooting and killing stuff. And, once you have started playing the single play mode try the on line game. Nine out of ten times you will run into a clan member, and if they happened to called W3st-B1rd13 (or Dagger Dan as he’s known in COD4), you can play at being his personal pincushion.


Consider for one moment the sad and miserable programmers at EA Sports who were responsible for producing ‘Medal of Honor Airborne’. There they were sat locked within a windowless vault hidden deep beneath the EA Sports HQ. They were cut off from their family, friends and the rest of society, but they still managed to make a visually stunning game that had the potential to be a huge international hit.

Then ponder this, less than a month after ‘Airborne’ was released on PS3, COD4 was unleashed and the public went wild. Both games had their initial teething problems but whereas COD4 could be tweaked and fixed, 'Airborne' was virtually left on a life support machine with a nurse hovering impatiently over the ‘off switch’.

Airborne looks good and it did have loads of potential, but it completely relies on the gimmick that you can literally parachute into the game. Sod the fact that the controls are ‘clunky’, that there is no means of communication between online players. Damn also the guns that seem to lock and refuse to fire, and that only by playing progressive single player off line games can the gamer be merited with ‘better weapon handling’, extended bullet magazine and a scope. There’s no ranking, no perks, no clans and no future. Oh Dear.

The forum for Airborne is a horrible place to be, it’s full of tales of woe and reports of nasty online experiences. Yet, even though EA sports already knew there were going to be problems because the PC and Xbox360 versions of the game had run head long into a storm of protest, they appeared to have failed miserably in resolving any of the major issues. If only the programmers had got hold of a copy of COD4 a month before release, just to see what they should be aiming to achieve, then possibly the PS3 would have have been blessed with two decent ‘war’ first person shooters instead of just the one.

Cod2Sadly Airborne is a dead duck. It should have been a major successfully release for EA Sports, but instead its an embarrassing failure that it sits only on the shelf, loved only by the most ardent die hard of gamers.

Now I mentioned Airborne not to poke fun or discuss its shortcomings. No, I dearly wanted it to be a success. what I was trying to do was use Airborne's failure as a comparison as to how good and right COD4 feels. It’s how a game should be, although COD4 is not perfect, there’s a lot the programmers could have learned from looking at the good points in Resistance. For example the larger maps, the greater number of online players and the fact that the NOOB has exactly the same weapon layout of the Supreme Commander, but this is just small fry. It’s a barely audible fart in the hurricane of life.

COD4 has 16 well-designed online maps. There are numerous game types (of which many I am unacquainted), and there are the prestige, challenges and perks to fiddle around with. Prestige is the progression of rank. Perks are the tit-bits you earn as score points and progress through the ranks. For example, as you play you unlock better weapons and win abilities such as 'deep lungs', 'steady aim' and the ability to 'pee fire'.

The challenges are a separate issue designed primarily to stop the happy gamer from ever getting bored. It offers such challenging diversities as ‘shoot down two helicopters with a claymore’, or ‘bare your arse from the highest window in the downpour map’. It’s all good fun and deeply satisfying to know that virtually everything has been thought of.

So please get a copy, and let me know as soon as you have done so. We need to get online ‘on mass’ with this and get into some serious private-arse-kicking-games. And, if you happen to be called Bobski, Outathebox, True-legion or Behemoth then please STOP SHOOTING AT MY BLOODY CHOPPER! Thank you


'Take no prisoners scumbags!'