battlefield bad company 2

I have just spent a little time perusing through some of the 'shite' that I have scrawled over the last couple of years. Hence, I was surprised to find a review, for Battlefield Bad Company, that we never managed to publish on the website when the game was released back in 2008. The only reason that I think would explain this over-sight is that, apart from me and a couple of others, absolutely no one else expressed an interest in playing it, mainly because If you recall at the time, we were all fully paid up members of the COD4 appreciation society.

Bobski had Battlefield Bad Company 1 (BBC1), and so had ManzQ. In fact because of the errors inherent with the PS3network, Bobski and I could not connect, in the online multi-player mode, when we were on own, we had to have ManzQ with us, and as soon as he left the game the match would then ditch. That was not the only problem I encountered online with BBC1. For some weird and wonderful reason, when the game first went online, for a couple of weeks I had the most excruciating lag problems. I took the game to Bobski's house, so he and BatFastard, could witness the strange phenomena of player-drift. Basically, whenever my character came to a halt on screen he would gently slide backwards. It was extremely annoying, yet highly amusing at the same time. Consequently, for a couple of weeks, the multi player aspect of the game was completely unplayable. But, when it was finally fixed,BBC 1 was an absolutely cracking game. The single-player campaign mode was fantastic, and the multi player offered a rich-vein of choice and game-play. There exists though one single, yet very important issue, that is inherent with both BBC1 and its younger brother, BBC2.....

However, to explain this issue I am going to have to hypnotize you. Don't worry, I'm not going to humiliate you by asking you to cluck like a chicken, or anything like that. Its just easier if, for a brief moment, I have complete control of your subconscious mind simply so that I can make BBC 1 and 2, become easier for you to master. Are you ready? Right, I want you to stare at this picture of Sandra Bullock:-

Now, keep looking at Sandra and while you're starring I'm going to count down from ten. Here we go. You are feeling sleepy, you are also feeling horny, but you are sleepier. You are drifting away, 10, 9, 8, Sandra is whispering gently in your ear, 7, 6, 5, you can feel her hot, sweet breath against your neck, 4, 3, she is saying, 2, 1, and you're under. Sandra is cooing this simple message directly into your brain..

'Forget Call of Duty! Forget Call of Duty! Forget Call of Duty!' Right, now Sandra wants you to imagine that you're a chicken.....'

That ladies and gentlemen is the key to the Battlefield Bad Company series of games. Just completely forget, erase, or put to the back of your mind, all the experiences you have ever had on COD4, COD WaW and CODMW2. Even though they are all first player shooters, BBC 1 and BBC 2 follow a completely different, but highly effective and simple premise – Team Work.

That is all it boils down to – Team Work! There is little success with running and gunning in this game. Everything hinges on a squad of four playing together. At the lobby screen you get to choose what 'role' you are going to take in the squad. There is the choice of Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon. Whichever one you pick you have to gain XP points to 'unlock' the various kits, abilities, weapons and add-ons that are associated with that role.

In BBC2, For example:- The medic's first unlock is the ability to throw a medic-pack (box). This heals an injured team-mate, and gains the medic valuable XP points at the same time. The Assault player's first unlock is the 'Ammo re-arm box'. Basically, its an ability to throw a small ammo crate to a fellow team mate so that they can re-stock on all their ammunition. Its just like that grey, Bulgarian squirrel says on the advert – 'Its simples!'

Bullets in Battlefield Bad Company adhere to the rules of physics. So, if you're a sniper taking on another sniper, at the far end of the map, it does take a few seconds for the bullet to reach it's target. Snipers also have to aim high for distance shots and rely on other players 'spotting' their targets for them.
Talking about maps, they are absolutely huge in the BBC series. So, like it or not, you have to use all accessible transport; Helicopters, boats, tanks, personnel-carriers, Jeeps, space-hoppers, quad-bikes, the lot. (Okay, maybe not space-hoppers).
The helicopters and tanks are especially good fun, but beware. Located all over the maps are various static, and highly effective, anti-aircraft and anti-armour weapon systems.

Battlefield Bad Company is brilliant. It does have its problems, not least of which is the obsession that the programmers still have with regards to allowing the experienced player having an advantage, weapon and ability wise, over the lower-ranked player. But hey, ho, what's new with that score.

It is definitely worth having a look, but just remember what Sandra says, while you are playing it 'Forget about Call of Duty!'