introduction & rules


Welcome to "The Legion Of FUBAR". We have been going for the last 3 years. It's a mix of different ages/colour/race and sex. Since then we have always tried to be a fair clan and im just writing shit in here so that i can fill this space for the timie being.

Of course that are rules that we do adhere to. Though they are subject to change and slight bending. All decisions go through the admin and moderators of the clan.

The Rules:-

(1) All new clan members must be at least 18 years old, but any existing member under this age need not worry you are not going to be kicked out. We appreciate that the majority of the clan are over this age the language and the subject matter can be of an adult nature. FUBAR cannot accept responsibility of children being witness to some of our more 'excessively verbal moments'. 

(2) All new members must have a microphone.

(3) All prospective members will be vetted before they can join, and they must play along with the co-leaders for at least three matches.

(4) Any dispute or grievance you may have with a fellow clan member will be dealt with by Outathebox.

(5) Please watch what you write and say in the lobby and during the game, we don't want to spoil people's fun but at the same time we don't want anyone to be offended. Please bear in mind that we do have female clan members and other members from different parts of America and Europe, so please be respectful at all times.

(6) If you have any queries or suggestions for the clan please let any of the co-leaders know and everyone in the clan will be consulted.